Southern Barbeque Made with Smotherly Love

We call it Smotherly Love – in all its sweet, savory, Southern glory. We believe BBQ worth writing home about starts with delicious ingredients worth scouring for. So with every bite, know you’re enjoying flavors as authentic as the places they come from. Spicy cayenne from Memphis, Black Pepper from northern Alabama, Apple juice from the western half of the Carolinas, Vinegar from eastern North Carolina and Tangy mustard from South Carolina.
Lillie's Q Sauces and spices
It’s tradition you can taste
Join us on a flavor filled road trip as you grill and eat your way through the traditions of Southern BBQ at its best. In each region you’ll experience a little of the history behind the different cooking styles, rubs, sauces, cuts of meat, and recipes that these southerns are proud to represent.