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Why Our Recipes are in Grams

Why Our Recipes are in Grams

There are quite a few reasons why using the metric system is so important in recipe creation and the reason why Chef Charlie McKenna creates our recipes by weight.

Perfecting The Recipe

Creating a recipe by weight, even if it is in ounces, is a much more exact system than cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons, and the metric system allows for even more exactness. You'll move away from needing partial measurements like half teaspoons, especially if you only want to add half of a half teaspoon to get the right amount of an ingredient that you need in a recipe when creating it.

Getting Chef Results at Home

Using grams allows us to be much more exact which in turn provides a much better chance that the average home cook can recreate the recipe at home exactly like we did in our test kitchen. This also allows us to add smaller amounts of each ingredient if we think it needs just a little something more. We can now move away from terms like “a pinch”, because we can give you the exact amount (e.g. 0.5 grams which is a very small amount). 

Scaling Recipes

Using weights to list the recipe allows us, as well as you, to scale up or down to fit the amount of product that you need. For example, our Pimento Cheese recipe yields enough for 4 people. Say you want to make it for a larger gathering of 50 people, then it's as easy as dividing 4 into 50 to get 12.5 rather than multiplying every ingredient by that 12.5 to get the recipe for 50.

Less Dishes / Less Waste

Using the metric system also allows for way less dishes - which means less waste, less cleanup, and more time to enjoy with friends/family. For many recipes you can place all the ingredients in the same mixing bowl on the scale by zeroing it out after each ingredient is added. You won't need any other dishes, especially multiple measuring cups or spoons. 

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