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Elevate Your Barbecue Game with Lillie's Q's Six New Rubs

Elevate Your Barbecue Game with Lillie's Q's Six New Rubs

Introducing Lillie's Q newest lineup of six new seasonings. Crafted with care and passion, these rubs and seasonings are poised to elevate your cooking experience, whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a home cook. Our new seasonings include:

  • Citrus Blend (5.7oz): Brighten up your seafood, poultry, and fresh salads with a zesty blend of garlic, green chili, and lemon-lime citrus. Say hello to a burst of freshness in every bite.
  • Game Rub (5oz): For lovers of wild game and hearty meats, this rub is a game-changer. Infused with spices like cardamom, orange, and rosemary, it complements the rich flavors of game meats perfectly.
  • Hot Chicken (5.7oz): Feel the heat with Lillie's Q Hot Chicken seasoning, inspired by the fiery soul of Nashville. Whether you're seasoning your chicken, battering it for a spicy fry, or creating a Nashville hot seasoned oil, this blend of bold spices will ignite your taste buds.
  • Steak Butter (6.8oz): Level up your steak game with the indulgent flavors of Lillie's Q Steak Butter. With a blend of butter, garlic, salt, and black pepper, it enhances the natural flavors of your favorite cuts of beef to perfection.
  • Umami Boost (6.0oz): Unleash the fifth taste with this umami-packed rub, designed to intensify the savory profile of your dishes. With a harmonious blend of mushroom, garlic, and onion, it's a must-have for umami enthusiasts seeking to elevate their cooking.
  • Herb Salt (5.1oz): Experience sophistication in every sprinkle with Lillie's Q Herb Salt. Crafted with a blend of herbs, black garlic, salt, and pepper, it enhances the flavor of meat, poultry, vegetables, and seafood with effortless finesse.

We are thrilled to introduce these six new seasonings to our lineup, each meticulously crafted to inspire culinary creativity and elevate the cooking experience for our customers. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a home cook experimenting with flavors, these rubs and seasonings are designed to bring out the best in your dishes. Try them out now!

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