Smoked Prime Rib

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Prep Time

15 minutes

Cook Time

2 hours 5 minutes

  1. use kitchen twine to tie up prime rib to ensure the meat cooks evenly (instructions here)

  2. heavily season prime rib with Q-Rub all over — it helps to use our Dry Rub Shaker to evenly coat the meat.

  3. season prime rib with Brisket Pepper, patting the rub onto the meat. do NOT rub the seasoning on the meat.

  4. cover the exposed bones on the end with aluminum foil before placing in smoker.

  5. heat your smoker to 275 degrees and place the prime rib inside — We recommend the 94-Gallon Mill Scale Smoker

  6. Cook for 2-2.5hrs until internal temperature reaches 125-130 degrees for medium-rare

  7. remove prime rib from smoker, cut off twine, and let rest for 15 mins before slicing and serving.

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