Meat Butter

  • kerry gold butter, 230 grams

  • fresh black garlic, 30 grams

  • worcestershire sauce, 10 grams

  • soy sauce, 10 grams

  • lillie’s q- rub, 6 grams
  • flat leaf parsley, 6 grams

  • chives, 6 grams

  • thyme leaf, 3 grams

  • lemon zest, 1.5 grams

  • msg, 2 grams

  • lillies q brisket pepper, 1 gram
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  1. Take butter out of refrigerator and let soften. *butter should be slightly soft but not melting

  2. Fine chop the parsley

  3. Mince the chives

  4. Pick thyme and be sure there are no stems. *weigh after it is picked then fine chop

  5. Take the black garlic head and remove only the cloves and process in a food processor until smooth. * weight is of the paste

  6. Zest the lemon using a micro-plainer

  7. Once everything is prepped add all items into a mixer and beat with the paddle attachment. *start on low then slowly increase speed

  8. Mix in mixer until everything is incorporated into the butter thoroughly

  9. Can place in waxed paper and roll into a log, or place in container in refrigerator

  10. Meat Butter freezes very well for future uses

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